Welcome to a screen-free world.

Say goodbye to your phone.

Introducing Titan: The World’s First Voice-Activated, e-Sim Powered Earbuds.

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Leave your phone behind.

Welcome to a screen-free world where it’s possible to stay connected anytime, anywhere.

Leave your phone at home and make calls, send messages, and listen to your favourite streams in HD using the very latest eSIM powered by voice-activated technology.

Connect without limits thanks to eSIM technology

Titan removes the restrictions of a physical SIM card, so you can enjoy the complete convenience of having your cutting edge eSIM earbuds set up and ready to go when you are.

Need to upgrade or switch suppliers? No problem! There’s no need to wait for a new sim to arrive in the post, everything will update automatically. 

Crystal clear sound when it matters most.

From making a call on the go, to listening to your new favourite band offline while waiting to board a flight, Titan’s truly wireless earbuds are primed for high-quality audio across the board.

No phone required, with Titan. 

Step into a screen-free world.

🗸 Interact without constant screen glare. 

🗸  Get better Sleep, reduce eyestrain and headaches.

🗸  Reduce anxiety

🗸 Avoid nasty bacteria or viruses 

Ultimate comfort. 

Titan’s wireless earbuds come with three types of hygienic, cleanable silicon tips, for a comfortable fit in every ear.

The adjustable base memory cable fits neatly around your neck, so Titan always remains stable.

Stay connected while burning calories.

Looking at your phone during a gym session or your morning run isn’t exactly practical, which is why Titan is ideal for avid workout and sports enthusiasts looking to stay in touch at the same time without the bulk of your phone .

Hassle free exploration. 

Titan’s elegant design and hands free, voice-activated technology is made for moving around.

Whether you’re hopping over to Europe to soak up the sun, going off the beaten track long haul or making deals for business, Titan’s eSIM technology makes it a breeze when it comes to choosing local carriers and keeping roaming charges down.

Your new favourite travel companion.

Fully embrace local life wherever you are with Titan’s real-time language translation app MyJuno. Discover hidden gems in the area thanks to 30+ languages with speech-to-speech and speech-to-text functionality.


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